"No more bringing a carpet to go under my kit to shows! I toss KickStraps in my stick bag and they go to every performance with me. I couldn't be happier"
Tammy Mitchell Woods

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Who for?

All working drummers, professional drummers, studio engineers, sound engineers, club owners, at home drummer, living room drummer, double bass pedal drummers, percussion players with remote pedals, people with sliding pedals of any kind.

Who is KickStrap - benson Music?

Gary Benson

Drummer, Musician, Entrepreneur

Drumming since age 5, Berklee College of Music Alumni, business owner, patent holder and innovator, Gary, founding Benson Music in 2008 continues  to live by his passion for music and life.


Artist Relations manager

Jennifer keeps KickStrap artists up to date and brings our community together. She is Benson Music Shops product ambassador and relationship manager.

Dale Benson


Dale Benson’s creative force and love for music burns bright. Engineer, musician and innovator.

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