About KickStrap

NEW! All Pedals – Hi-Hat and Cajon!
Fits in stick bag!

The KickStrap is an innovative solution to stop bass drum, hi hat and any slave pedal slide. Works great with electronic kits, double bass pedals, cajon pedals and even keyboard pedals! Invented by Gary Benson in the 90’s while playing music professionally in Los Angeles. After years of using The #KickStrap Strap Gary knew it would be an extremely useful tool for all pro and semi-pro musicians. He designed an efficient and sturdy model which he is now offering to the public for the first time! It is made in the U.S.A. Gary has been able to keep the cost at a minimum while offering a highest quality product.


    • No Carpet Needed
    • Bass Drum Stays in Place
    • Play on Any Surface!