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Drum Microphones

Benson Music Shop now carries sE Electronics microphones. Our best seller is the V Pack Drum Mic Kits – Available for Arena, Venue and Club Kits. sE Electronics is a family owned business. Check out this video on how they craft their microphones. See the sE collection here.

Hear the V Pack on full Drum Kit. Classic Setting: https://bensonmusicshop.com/blogs/news/se-electronics-drum-mics-now-available-at-benson-music-shop

The sE V Series captures all the attack and tone of my drums with amazing clarity and transparency. Their ultra-compact design – paired with the ingenious addition of the V CLAMPS – makes it extremely easy to set up quickly and get going.”

– Daniel Erlandsson, Drummer (Arch Enemy) –

The V PACK ARENA consists of one V KICK for your bass drum, three V BEATs and V CLAMPS for your toms, one V7 X for your snare, and a pair of sE8 condensers for your overheads. See all the packs HERE

All mics and accessories come securely packaged inside a robust and distinctive plastic flight case, with an empty space included to accommodate your favorite hi-hat mic.

For more minimal drum mic requirements, the V PACK CLUB and V PACK VENUE are also available – and if you already own V SERIES mics, you can purchase the V PACK CASE as a separate accessory.