Drummer’s Best Friend


Trending, and for good reason, are easier set ups/break downs for musicians. Musicians who have not had the fortunate luck of “making it big” work their butts off schlepping their equipment to various gigs from house parties to small night clubs. It’s about time innovations for smaller amps, less effects and smaller drum kits have come about!

For drummers the art of sizing down can be especially challenging. From smaller “cocktail” kits to no frills 3 and four piece set ups. The less to haul the better. Not to mention fitting the drum set in those small bars where there’s barely room for a few people. Even if you have a small 4 piece kit you usually have to add quite a weight in drum stands and of course that bulky carpet. One innovation getting attention of drummers is the KickStrap. A very simple device which eliminates the need for carrying a carpet. The KickStrap attaches permanently to your kit or it’s so small you can carry it in your stick bag.

A Drummers Best Friend

Back at NAMM in 2017 for the 2nd year is KickStrap, a new innovation by Gary Benson of Benson Music. At this NAMM Show Benson Music has partnered with the DGA (Drum Gear Alliance). DGA is a consortium of innovators on the cutting edge of the newest drum inventions.

Cooper Groove High performance drum sticks with cross cut grooves in handle which increase grip, keep hands dry and stimulate pressure points. Top grade American hickory.

Kick Strap The definitive solution to Stop the Creep of your bass drum and hi hat. No carpet needed! Perfect for every gig.

Campro Throwoffs The Campro throw off is the most highly engineered throw off in the world. Made of stainless steel and aluminum, machined and built by hand in Chicago.

Jamtec, USA Accessory solutions for the demanding drummer. Jamtec has a variety of solutions from stick holders to mic holders.

Sledgepad A high quality acoustic foam resonance control pad. Perfect for your bass drum. No more drum pillows!

The Sweet Spots Sweet Spot drum dampeners for sound control in any situation.

Queen City Drums Queen City Drums is a company that ONLY employs drummers. No one else will take the care, time, and attention to detail. We play what we build, and do not take shortcuts on quality or craftsmanship.

Symrna Cymbals This new “DREAM TEAM” of cymbal makers have united to take cymbal making back to its traditional essential roots.


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