How to Lighten Your Load and Stop Your Drums from Sliding

I’m a drummer. I carry a lot.

too much stuff!

I carry a kick drum, tom tom, floor tom, snare, 2 cymbals, hi hat, stands, throne, stick bag, and previously, a carpet.

From my experience being a semi-pro drummer, playing an assortment of odd gigs in cramped spaces, I’m always trying to lighten my load.

I like having a small efficient drum set up. One of my issues has been carrying a carpet and in some of the smaller bar gigs, fitting a carpet into the space I’m playing. If I can’t fit a carpet or, God forbid, forget my carpet, then my kick drum as well as my hi hat slide forward to a point where I have to pull them back between each song.

Finding something to hold my kick and hat from sliding that actually fits into my stick bag was a huge plus for lightening my load! The two solutions I found were: K-Brakes and KickStrap by Benson Music.



  • Fastens to kick drum spurs so always at the ready
  • Works on most surfaces
  • Easy to attach
    CONS –
  • Takes some time to fasten (initially)
  • Stops sliding but on hardwood floor I found my Kick still slid some
  • Not definitive on all surfaces
  • Doesn’t work with hi hat or other pedal devices. (slave and double bass pedals)
    PROS –
  • Fits in stick bag
  • Attaches very quickly
  • Works with any pedal device and hi hat
    CONS –
  • Can have a side to side slide of you have a side ways trajectory in your foot motion. (found the touching you kick drum spurs to floor stops this)
  • The plastic adjuster sometimes breaks
  • Attachment plate can sometimes lift drum pedal slightly (1/16″) off the floor (personally I haven’t found this to be a problem but some drummers might.Conclusion:
    Both KickStrap and K-Brakes have their pros and cons but both work very well.

    Kickstrap stop drum from sliding

    2 KickStraps