How to Stop Drum Creep?

For years my drum would slide and move on stage, even when I had spurs solidly spiked on carpet. Somehow, after a few songs my bass drum would manage to move forward. I’d end up having my bass player hold my drum with his foot! Here’s a way I’ve found to stop my drum from sliding:

1. The KickStrap, a simple compact device which attaches to any pedal and has an adjustable strap. The strap sits flat on the floor and hooks onto the center post of your drum stool. Essentially your body weight is anchoring your drum. The Kick Strap fits in your stick bag or you can secure it to the bottom of your pedal so it’s always at the ready when you set up. It’s great for gigs on the fly when there’s no room for a carpet or you forget your carpet. Some drummers use KickStrap as a back up in case they encounter drum creep on the carpet. KickStrap also has an option for the hi hat, stopping hi hat creep. The other day I was talking with a drummer who tours and rents drum kits along the way. He always carries a KickStrap in his stick bag in case the rental kit has funky spurs.


  • Works on Any Surface
  • Compact
  • Fits in Stick Bag
  • Use on Hi Hat and/or Kick Drum


  • Your Kick Pedal Clamp needs to work. (tighten on drum rim)
  • If you have a tendency to play your kick with a sideways foot motion the kick can slide left or right. (found securing a piece of velcro to bottom of KickStrap plate and pedal can eliminate this)