KickStrap at NAMM 2017 No More Drum Rugs!

At 2017 NAMMSHOW KickStrap stopped the creep! KickStrap found a large audience with drummers who are sizing down their drum kits. Gone are the days of the Neil Peart gonzo kit. The days are here for smart working drummers who are tired of hauling huge drum kits to small gigs. 99% of the working musicians out there aren’t stadium preformers who have the bucks to hire a roadie to set up their kits for them. The norm are small gigs where you want to play your best and not expend massive time and energy loading, unloading and setting up a drum kit! The KickStrap is the perfect fit for the casual and pro working drummer. Take your small 3 piece kit, don’t worry about hauling a carpet to spike the bass drum spurs too. Set up, attach the KickStrap to guarantee no sliding and you’re ready to ROCK!

Check out the amazing drummers who use and endorse KickStrap. They stopped by NAMM booth to demo KickStrap and play some amazing drums.

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