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KickStrap booth at NAMM 2016

KickStrap booth at NAMM 2016

5 years ago when I first started using KickStrap on every gig I looked at it as a convenient solution for quick set up and take down. No longer did I have to carry a carpet, no longer would I have any trouble with my bass drum or hi hat sliding away from me and I could fit 2 KickStraps in my stick bag! I also sized down my drum kit, using only a bass, snare, rack tom, floor tom, one cymbal which serves as both crash and ride and hi hat. Using an army duffle bag, I found years ago in a dumpster, to carry my stands I could haul my drums into a venue in 2 trips! Heaven! Also, with KickStrap I could play on any surface (cement, wood, dirt, brick) without any worry of drum creep. I was all set. This quick set up/take down enabled me to play gigs 4-5 nights per week without feeling burned out. It may sound silly but the fact that I could load in and out quickly helped to save more energy, especially after a 4 hour gig when the last thing I wanted to do was take 1/2 hour to pack my drums and another 57 trips to the car!

Sizing down my drum kit also sparked some wonderful creativity for me. I had fewer drums with which to speak and so I became more creative in the way I played, the dynamic with which I’d hit the drum to get varying tones/sounds out of each. I started using my hands, different weight sticks, bamboo sticks and brushes to finesse different tones out of my drums. Using only one cymbal really became an exciting experiment to figure out how many different tones I could get out of it depending on where I hit it and how I hit it. It’s amazing how much variation you can squeeze out of a good Zidjian cymbal!

After using my new sized down set up for a couple of years I realized the one accessory which was not available on the market but was an essential part of my “no worry, play anywhere” drum set was the KickStrap. At this point I decided to pursue a patent and introduce this amazing device to drummers everywhere. After introduction at NAMM 2016 to overwhelming response I am now gearing up for NAMM 2017! KickStrap has partnered with the DGA (Drum Gear Alliance) for the NAMM 2017 show. The DGA is a coopertive of drum gear inventors with the newest in amazing drum products. Check us out at NAMM 2017 and……HAPPY EASY SET UP GIGGING!

PURCHASE KICKSTRAP NOW – ONLY $29.95 to Stop the Creep!

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