KickStrap in the News 2018

Are you experiencing pedal slide of any type? Arrest it with KickStrap.

KickStrap now attaches to any Slave Pedal. Many drummers are embracing the ease of percussion drum kit set ups. Using a Cajon with a mini hi hat and/or woodblock struck with a kick drum pedal is a great solution to lighten your load. KickStrap is the essential tool holding these slave pedals from sliding forward. Check out this video in which I use two slave pedals attached to my Cajon with KickStrap. It’s the perfect solution!

KickStrap is becoming the “go to” solution for any pedal slide. Keyboardists are also discovering KickStrap. Pesky pedal slide experienced by portable electronic keyboard players is stopped dead with KickStrap.

KickStrap Works With:

  • Kick Drums
  • Hi Hats
  • Slave Pedals
  • Keyboard Pedals

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