KickStraps Finally Delivered – Ready to Stay Put

KickStrap Holds bass and/or hi hat definitively. No attaching extra rubber feet. KickStrap works on ALL SURFACES.

KickStraps have arrived! Finally, after months of manufacturing difficulties in finding the best U.S.A. manufacturer offering the best quality at the best prices for us musicians the KickStrap’s have arrived! And are the beautiful. Having the plate and hook made at Dalsin’s Inc. in Minnesota. I now am having the adjuster and strap put in place by Bjorn, Inc., a local company who sews in military knee pads. Completely floored by the superior quality of the latest batch of KickStraps.

After literally 4 years of never carrying a carpet for my drums I have come to rely on KickStrap for an easy and efficient set up and break down of my drum kit. Never worry about forgetting your carpet again!