Say Goodbye to Massive Neil Peart Drum Kits! Drummers Sizing Down


Musicians are sizing down these days. Guitar players are carrying smaller amps, bass players smaller cabinets and very small heads. There’s even a great sounding ukulele bass guitar. Drummers are sizing down big time! No more hauling massive drum sets. Now even the carpet is eliminated!

These day’s drummers like easy set up and take down.
As opposed to the 80’s and 90’s when the huge “Neil Peart” set up was the way to go with 99 tom toms and 100 cymbals. I am running into drummers more and more that have a 3 or 4 piece kit (bass, tom, snare, hat, cymbal) or better yet some sort of cocktail kit that uses a floor tom as a combo bass drum/tom with attached cymbal and hi hat. Finally drummers are getting smart and realizing it’s not only hard to haul a massive drum set around but unless you’re Neil Peart or/and have a crew of roadies there is no need for a massive drum set! Some of the best drummers in the world play (and get an amazing array of sounds) on very small drum kits. Small in number of drums but sometimes really small as in size! When I play a small club and there’s not much room to set up plus volume is an issue then my favorite kit is an old CB mini kit I bought for my son when he was 5 years old. It’s solidly constructed and sounds pretty darned good! And it’s small in size and number of drums. It only has bass, snare, tom, floor tom, cymbal and hat. I can haul it into my gig in 2 trips. And, thanks to KickStrap, I never haul a carpet! (drummers use carpets to spike bass and hi hat feet to, preventing sliding)

No more carpets to haul! There is finally a definitive invention that eliminates the drum rug. The KickStrap, a simple device that holds the bass drum and hi hat from sliding eliminating the need to haul a carpet. Bass and hi hat slide is an age old problem. Many clubs and venues don’t have a carpet or if they do the drums still slide. Sometimes you can fit only the bass drum on the carpet and your hi hat still slides. The KickStrap attaches to any pedal device enabling it to work with bass drum, hi hat and slave pedals too! This means drummers using a double bass pedal with that extra pedal sliding around on the side can now keep it solid and stationary with the KickStrap.

Percussionists use KickStrap. Many use pedals with their percussion set up. A slave pedal, which is very prone to sliding, controls a hi hat or smaller bass drum on the side. The KickStrap works with any of these configurations.
Touring drummers who don’t like stowing a carpet in their overhead plane compartment can put the KickStrap into their stick bag. Also, many touring drummers rent kits along the way. As one might imagine sometimes the rental kits are less than par, having wimpy bass drum feet and other sliding issues. KickStrap cures this touring drummers nightmare with one easy solution. KickStrap is so small it even fits into your pocket!
Keyboardists with sliding keyboard pedals are finding the KickStrap and essential part of their set up.
KickStrap was invented by Berklee College of Music alumni Gary Benson. Made in the U.S.A. the KickStrap is extremely durable, strong and well constructed. Check it out here. Let KickStrap Stop your drum and pedal Creep!

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