The Neil Peart Drum Kit No Longer Cool?

How to Lighten Your Drumming Load

Drummers use to carry huge drum sets. 3-5 cymbals, at least 3 toms and sometimes even 2 bass drums!

The Neil Peart set up WAS “cool”.

Working Drummers: 99.9% of drummers are working drummers playing small gigs hauling their drum set around in a small car, having to pack it up, load it in, pack it back up and load it out themselves. They don’t have the luxury of paid roadies to haul their equipment for them. Because of this drummers have come to realize that having a lighter load is much better! Plus, not everyone plays like Neil Peart! Many times less is more. Frankly, most of us just don’t need all that extra shit to get a good groove and sound.

It seems it took about a decade or so for drummers to get sick and tired of hauling massive drum sets to small everyday gigs! But now that they’ve had the epiphany that less is more the fashionable small drum kit has taken hold. Some drummers are even constructing drum kits made with a Cajon (wood box drum) with minimal add on accessories.

Many have even stopped hauling a carpet and started carrying a KickStrap in their stick bag to ensure no drum or pedal slide.
Benson Music, creator of the KickStrap, is in the process of constructing a easily portable drum kit for use on all gigs. Quick in and quick out is the goal. Stylish to boot!
Be on the look out for Bensonmusic’s Cocktail Kit in the next month.

In the meantime, be safe, work smart and haul less!


See you soon!