Transcription of The Who’s Who Are You

Keith Moon did what he did extremely well. His “chops” may have been lacking but his passion was great. What makes a great drummer anyway? Is Ringo great? Is Bruford great? Is Weckl great? How about Nick Mason from Pink Floyd? I think all these drummers are great for what they do. They fulfill who they are in the music. Well, Weckl leaves me a bit cold…sure he has great chops and concentration buy for groove I’ll take Tony Williams or even Ringo over Weckl.
If the Beatles had Bill Bruford as the drummer they would not have been The Beatles. Brufords drumming would be completely out of place. I couldn’t even imagine!
So, all you tech/chop drummers giving Ringo or Keith Moon shit….just cut it out. A great drummer plays WITH the band not with himself!

Check out Keith Moon – Who Are You

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