Dorian Randolph

Dorian Randolph is an extraordinary drummer from New Paltz, NY. Presently touring with R & B legend Joe Louis Walker     Dorian Randolph is also the founding member of Dorian Randolph and the Sugar Grove

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‘Dorian Randolph, Grandson of Eugene Randolph (co-writer of top 50 hit ‘A Tear Fell’ recorded by Ray Charles among various other artists) and son of great drummer/music teacher Eugene L. Randolph, grew up performing on stage with his father since he was in diapers. Today, as a 33 year old drummer/singer/songwriter, Randolph has had the honor of recording and touring the world in bands with artists such as Murali Coryell, Dylan Doyle, and the living legend Joe Louis Walker. With great mentors such as Murali and JLW, Dorian aspires to be a bandleader of his own and wants to help heal the world through music.’