Ron Darden


Ron Darden is a professional performing and recording drummer who plays with artists and bands all over the Bay Area. He specializes in Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Neo-Soul, and has strong roots in Rock and Pop as well. Ron got his AA in music from Contra Costa College and has been performing regularly since 2008.

Growing up in a musical household, Ron always knew he would become a musician. He started playing drums at the early age of 4, and has been practicing daily ever since. He started out by mimicking his favorite drummers and spending hours on end perfecting his chops. Ron is one of the busiest drummers in the Bay Area, known for his passion, strong work ethic and soulful drum playing. Among his many influences are Chris Coleman, Nathaniel Townsend, Eric Moore, and Dennis Chambers.

Nowadays you can see Ron perform in churches, arenas, festivals and bars, as well as laying down drum tracks in studios and recording spaces. He currently plays drums for The Cold Sol Band, Bridget Marie, Byron Gipson, Lady Bianca, Suga-T, The Will Roc Project and many more.

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Instagram: @dardenboy