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Benson Music Launches New Direction – Innovative Music Products!

Benson Music is the inventor of KickStrap, the best solution to stop drum and pedal creep, and is currently working on the Day Tripper (secret soon to unfold). Combining Benson Music’s innovative products along with other innovations in music gear will be an exciting direction in an industry saturated with big box retailers selling only […]

Neil Peart Set

The Neil Peart Drum Kit No Longer Cool?

99.9% of drummers are working drummers playing small gigs, hauling their drum set around in a small car, having to pack it up, load it in, pack it back up and load it out themselves.

too much stuff!

How to Lighten Your Load and Stop Your Drums from Sliding

From my experience being a semi-pro drummer, playing an assortment of odd gigs in cramped spaces, I’m always trying to lighten my load.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar – The Making of a Number One LP – Damn

“I hadn’t even heard the third verse,” he says. “And I was in there almost every day. With Kendrick, nothing is done until it’s done. He waits until the last minute when the album has to be turned in.”


Dave Grohl Plays with Nirvana for the First Time. Check it Out

Just 16 days after joining the band, he played his first gig with them at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, Washington and, as the video below shows, the then-21-year-old nailed it right away. Check out footage from the history-making gig below.