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Neil Peart Set

The Neil Peart Drum Kit No Longer Cool?

99.9% of drummers are working drummers playing small gigs, hauling their drum set around in a small car, having to pack it up, load it in, pack it back up and load it out themselves.


With A Little Help From My Friends – How The Beatles Rallied Around Ringo

“the remaining three Beatles had other plans. Starr was often overcome with nerves when it came time to record his vocals, so his companions decided to reveal their agenda with little warning in hopes of sparing him the anticipatory anguish..”


Matt Chamberlain Keeps it Creative – Top Studio Drummer

“The past few months have been the most insane of my life,” says thirty-year studio and touring veteran Matt Chamberlain, who’s celebrating his fiftieth turn around the sun this April.


Dave Grohl Plays with Nirvana for the First Time. Check it Out

Just 16 days after joining the band, he played his first gig with them at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, Washington and, as the video below shows, the then-21-year-old nailed it right away. Check out footage from the history-making gig below.