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John Anthony Turner

Yeah, gospel is more about “pocket”. When I was coming up gospel music was solid. That’s what it created in a lot of drummers like me and others that stay out in L. A. They learned how to be solid. In gospel there’s different genres. I grew up under the quartet gospel feel which is […]

Benson Music Launches New Direction – Innovative Music Products!

Benson Music is the inventor of KickStrap, the best solution to stop drum and pedal creep, and is currently working on the Day Tripper (secret soon to unfold). Combining Benson Music’s innovative products along with other innovations in music gear will be an exciting direction in an industry saturated with big box retailers selling only […]

Neil Peart Set

The Neil Peart Drum Kit No Longer Cool?

99.9% of drummers are working drummers playing small gigs, hauling their drum set around in a small car, having to pack it up, load it in, pack it back up and load it out themselves.

Vet-Traxx Project Provides Offers Recording for Veterans

Located in the Sacramento area (Galt, Lodi, Stockton, Elk Grove), Vet-Traxx Project Inc is dedicated to helping disabled veterans use music as an emotional outlet by providing them with a safe and professional recording environment


Best Drum Sounds on Record

Welcome to what is perhaps the most subjective topic ever: the best drum sounds on record.

Drummer’s Best Friend

For drummers the art of sizing down can be especially challenging. From smaller “cocktail” kits to no frills 3 and four piece set ups. The less to haul the better.

Say Goodbye to Massive Neil Peart Drum Kits! Drummers Sizing Down

Musicians are sizing down these days. Guitar players are carrying smaller amps, bass players smaller cabinets and very small heads. There’s even a great sounding ukulele bass guitar. Drummers are sizing down big time! No more hauling massive drum sets. Even the carpet or drum rug is eliminated!