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Cajon Slave Pedal

KickStrap in the News 2018

KickStrap now attaches to any Slave Pedal. Many drummers are embracing the ease of percussion drum kit set ups. Using a Cajon with a mini hi hat and/or woodblock struck with a kick drum pedal is a great solution to lighten your load. KickStrap is the essential tool holding these slave pedals from sliding forward. […]


Best Drum Sounds on Record

Welcome to what is perhaps the most subjective topic ever: the best drum sounds on record.

Drummer’s Best Friend

For drummers the art of sizing down can be especially challenging. From smaller “cocktail” kits to no frills 3 and four piece set ups. The less to haul the better.

Say Goodbye to Massive Neil Peart Drum Kits! Drummers Sizing Down

Musicians are sizing down these days. Guitar players are carrying smaller amps, bass players smaller cabinets and very small heads. There’s even a great sounding ukulele bass guitar. Drummers are sizing down big time! No more hauling massive drum sets. Even the carpet or drum rug is eliminated!