Hi Gary,

I met you briefly at the NAMM show this year. My friend and I sat down against the wall on one of the top floors of the convention center for a quick rest and started talking to you. You subsequently handed over one of your Bass Drum Straps for me to try out with your only request being that I shoot you an email with my comments.

Well, it works great and has provided a simple, effective solution to a frustrating problem. My electronic drum kit has been set up at my studio for over a year and hasn’t really presented a creeping problem for me, so I didn’t quite have a need for your product yet. Recently, my pal came over to jam. I was on guitar and he sat at my kit. For whatever reason, his playing style was constantly pushing the kick pedal and pad out and we were resetting it throughout the jam. After about the 3rd time, I remembered the product you gave me! As soon as we set it up and got the length dialed in, the problem was simply history. Don’t know what else to say other than this is a super simple and great product that fills a void in the marketplace for a very common and frustrating problem. I hope this thing takes off for you man! Thanks for handing me one to try out, it’s proven to be a handy and effective little solution! Good luck with this thing Gary!

Best regards,

Testimonial for The Strap by John Anderson of the Soulshine Band.

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